Hey, agency owners 👋

You know all those staff and client accounts for WordPress, Basecamp, Google, Github, Slack, etc? 🤯

RoleUp can help you manage them all 😎

Manage users across all your WordPress sites

If you run a lot of WordPress sites, it can be hard to manage access. From the RoleUp dashboard you can manage, add and remove user accounts across all your sites.

You can select the user role, email, password, and all the other key details for each account. And when it’s time to go, you can remove the users with just one click.

Automatically import all your user accounts

RoleUp can automatically import user accounts are synced from all your WordPress sites and SaaS services.

RoleUp will group your accounts by email, making it easy to track which accounts are used by which person. It also makes onboarding and offboarding easy.

Hassle-free integrations with WordPress and all your tools

RoleUp doesn’t use LDAP, SAML, SCIM, or any other complex identity provider configuration.

Our WordPress integration uses application passwords, which are part of the WordPress core. All of our other integrations use OAuth or API keys and can be set up in seconds with a few clicks.

Easily add and remove your staff and customers

RoleUp allows you to easily import and add user accounts. Plus, when a team member or client leaves, you can disable all of their access with a single click.

You can also choose to selectively disable single accounts from your RoleUp dashboard.

Manage your staff and customers across all these services