Syncing Azure/Office365 Accounts

Capabilities #

The Azure integration offers all of the functionality that RoleUp supports; listing accounts and memberships, adding and removing accounts, and updating group membership and assigning licenses. 

Requirements #

The Azure integration requires admin consent to install.

Setup #

  1. To create a new Azure integration, start here.
  2. By default the Azure integration requests Read/Write permissions, but can be configured as Read-Only.
  3. Click Add to be sent through the OAuth flow. Once you’ve authorized RoleUp, the accounts will begin syncing.

Onboarding #

Azure accounts may be created through RoleUp by providing the location, name, email address, and password of the new user. We do not retain the password after the account is created, and it is required to reset it after first use.

The email must be a domain configured in Azure, and the location is used to determine availability of certain licenses.

Optionally, you can link the user to groups or licenses. 

The new user can log in with the credentials just used to create the account and will need to provide a new password.

Offboarding #

To remove an account from Azure:

  1. Click the Offboard toggle in the top right of the Identities page
  2. Click the Remove button next to the user you to wish remove from Azure
  3. Their account will immediately lose access to the integrated Azure account

Updating Memberships #

Accounts can be added and removed from groups, and have licenses linked and unlinked.

Removing the Integration #

  1. Go to the integrations list, or click here.
  2. Click the Edit button on the Azure integration you wish to remove.
  3. At the bottom of the integration configuration page, you may click the Remove Permanently button to remove the integration, all of it’s associated data on RoleUp systems, and revoke OAuth permissions.
  4. If you wish to reinstall the Azure integration at a later time, just add the integration back and everything should return to how it was after the accounts are synced.

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