Introduction to the Basecamp Integration

Our RoleUp integration with Basecamp allows you to view Basecamp accounts inside the RoleUp dashboard.

The Basecamp integration offers read-only functionality and can list accounts. 

Creating or removing accounts from Basecamp must be done manually within the Basecamp app itself.

Setup for the Basecamp Integration

  1. To create a new Basecamp integration, start here.
  2. By default the Basecamp integration can only be configured as Read-Only, the Basecamp API does not offer the ability to add or remove accounts.
  3. Click Add to be sent through the OAuth flow. Once you’ve authorized RoleUp, the accounts will begin syncing.

Onboarding Users to Basecamp

Currently it is not possible to create Basecamp accounts using RoleUp directly.

However, RoleUp provides links to the relevant Basecamp pages to create an account, and manage existing users.

Offboarding Users from Basecamp

Currently it is not possible to remove Basecamp accounts from with RoleUp. 

However, RoleUp provides links to the Basecamp User Management docs to remove them manually.

Removing the Basecamp Integration

  1. Go to the integrations list, or click here.
  2. Click the Edit button on the Basecamp integration you wish to remove.
  3. At the bottom of the integration configuration page, you may click the Remove Permanently button to remove the integration, all of it’s associated data on RoleUp systems, and revoke OAuth permissions (if possible).
  4. If you wish to reinstall the Slack integration at a later time, just add the integration back and everything should return to how it was after the accounts are synced.