RoleUp Integrations

Manage your users across multiple services

These are our current integrations

Integrations are always easy with RoleUp

No LDAP, no SAML, no SCIM, no complex identity provider configuration.

All of our integrations use OAuth or API keys and can be set up in seconds with a few clicks.

You can configure integrations as Read/Write, or Read-Only if you want to restrict access.

And when you want to remove an integration, a single click will disconnect it, revoke any associated permissions, and wipe all of it’s data from our systems.

How to Add Integrations

Most integrations require no configuration and can be created in a few clicks

1. Select

You can pick from dozens of possible applications to pull in accounts from.

And if you have more than one source for the same application (more than one Slack team for example), then you can create multiple instance with different aliases.

2. Configure

Most integrations require no more configuration than choosing between read-only, and read-write permissions.

Where possible, if you select read-only, we will request the minimal OAuth permissions for that case.

For others, you may have to provide API keys, or one or two other required fields.

3. Add

Once configured, click “Add” to finish the setup and begin syncing accounts.

If it’s an OAuth integration, clicking “Add” will send you to the target application to authorize the connection.