Datadog Integration

The RoleUp Integration with Datadog

Our Datadog integration allows you to onboard and offboard Datadog accounts along with all your other SaaS accounts as you add and remove team members.

Datadog Integration Capabilities

The Datadog integration uses an API key to authenticate and once connected has both read-only and read-write options.

This integration is capable of listing all accounts as well as adding and removing accounts directly from within RoleUp or using our Slack App.


You can list all accounts


You can add accounts


You can remove accounts


You can update roles

About Datadog

See across systems, apps, and services. With turn-key integrations, Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full devops stack.

  • SaaS and Cloud providers
  • Automation tools
  • Monitoring and instrumentation
  • Source control and bug tracking
  • Databases and common server components