SendGrid Integration

The RoleUp Integration with SendGrid

Our Sendgrid integration allows you to list your Sendgrid accounts along with all your other SaaS accounts as you add and remove team members.

SendGrid Integration Capabilities

The Sendgrid integration uses an API key to authenticate and once connected has both read-only and read-write options.

This integration is capable of listing all accounts as well as adding and removing accounts directly from within RoleUp or using our Slack App.


You can list all accounts


You can list add accounts


You can remove accounts

About SendGrid

We care about the people behind each of the 2 trillion email addresses we serve.

Since 2009, through sending email for 82,000 customers, we’ve learned that email is an important mix of technology and people. We want our customers to make a meaningful impact with their email programs and have seen how influential email success is to growing a healthy business.

Whether you’re a developer, marketer, CEO of a small business, or a program manager at an enterprise company, we know your email needs are unique. So SendGrid provides a unique customer communications solution for every stage of your company’s growth.

That’s why we pioneered transactional email, have more delivery experts and support engineers than any other email provider, and why we continue to deliver new email and communication products to our customers.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not only about how we communicate, but why we communicate.