Welcome to RoleUp! We Help You Manage Users on All Your WordPress Sites

Welcome to RoleUp!

RoleUp helps you manage users across all your WordPress sites.

It can be extremely time consuming and difficult to control user accounts on multiple sites. If you are responsible for a hundred WordPress sites, even a few users on each site can quickly become a maintenance headache.

Here are two problems that RoleUp solves:

  • Onboarding: When someone joins your organization, you need to give them access to all your sites.
  • Offboarding: When someone leaves, you have to log into every site and remove their accounts.

If you manage multiple sites, RoleUp is here for you. In this launch post, I’ll explain how you can benefit from RoleUp’s services.

What exactly does RoleUp do?

RoleUp simplifies user management for WordPress websites. You get one dashboard that shows all the users on all your sites.

Take a look at the image below. “Steve Burge” has an account on 5 different sites. And with a couple of clicks, I can add him to new sites, or remove all his accounts.

With RoleUp, you can easily modify user details, change roles, and update passwords for existing users. RoleUp also makes adding and removing users fast and easy across all your sites.

Easily remove your staff and customer

When a team member or client leaves, you can disable all of their access with a single click. You can also choose to selectively disable single accounts from your RoleUp dashboard.

Hassle-free integration with WordPress

RoleUp doesn’t use complex identity provider configurations or plugins. You won’t have to learn any acronyms such as LDAP, SAML, or SCIM to use RoleUp. And we don’t store your passwords.

Our WordPress integration uses application passwords, which are part of the WordPress core. All you need to do is log into to your WordPress site and approve the integration.

Our integration will automatically sync accounts from all your WordPress sites. RoleUp will group your accounts by email, making it easy to track which accounts are used by which person. It also makes onboarding and offboarding easy.

Who made RoleUp?

RoleUp is a collaborative effort between Steve Burge and Victor Drover. Both are long-time members of the WordPress and open source communities who have built solid reputations as trusted entrepreneurs.

Their projects include:

Together, these projects provided both the technical expertise and security knowledge required to safely manage WordPress users remotely.

Vic (left) and Steve (right) at WordCamp USA.

How is RoleUp different from site management services?

Yes, there are a lot of site management services out there including ManageWP, BlogVault, and more. Our team, Vic Drover and Steve Burge, run one of those services at Watchful.net.

RoleUp is different because it is laser-focused on user management. The other services have hundreds of extra features from backups and security checks to site uptime and broken link checking.

We believe there’s a lot of room to provide a clean and focused service that enables you to manage users across all your WordPress sites.

Test RoleUp today

Onboarding and offboarding users is simple with RoleUp. If you manage multiple sites, we promise you that RoleUp will make your work life easier. Optimize your time and give RoleUp a try today!

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